Thursday, April 17, 2008


as promised, a show comprised entirely of shoegaze! bands from a movement that took place in the uk during the late 80's, with lots of distortion, layers of sound, and general sweetness. also much general disdain for listeners.

My Bloody Valentine - I Need No Trust
Readymade - A Peacetime Boom That Never Ends
Lush - Ladykillers
Adorable - Submarine
Hartfield - Reason
Slowdive - Catch The Breeze
Luminous Orange - Drop You Vivid Colors
The Daysleepers - The Soft Attack
Swervedriver - Sunset
The Telescopes - Everso
LSD and the Search for God - This Time
The Jesus And Mary Chain - Some Candy Talking
Ride - Unfamiliar
Resplandor - Claroscuro
Chapterhouse - Pearl
Mustafa et Monique - Ecstacy Like You
The Boo Radleys - Spaniard
Ultra Vivid Scene - Mercy Seat
Moose - Ballad Of Adam And Eve
Catherine Wheel - Upside Down
Cruyff In The Bedroom - She Goes To The World's End
My Bloody Valentine - Cupid Come
Pale Saints - Sight Of You
Lush - Single Girl
Adorable - Sistine Chapel Ceiling
Slowdive - 40 Days
Astrobrite - Crasher
Curve - Fait Accompli
Swervedriver - Son Of A Mustang Ford

so far successfully keeping up with our frequent-updating resolution!
remember to tune in next week...theme to be announced.


Thursday, April 10, 2008


oh my god.

eventually we'll get all of our other sets up from this semester. we have both been v. distracted! in any case, here is this week's show. in couplet form! (check the song titles)

adorable - man in a suitcase
kaleidoscope - please excuse my face
the chills - bee bah bee bah bee boe
talulah gosh - looking for a rainbow
louise attaque - sean penn, mitchum
television personalities - geoffrey ingram
jesus and mary chain - my little underground
hurrah! - around and around
the beatles - it's all too much
the wolfhounds - anti midas touch
ylk organization - happiness
echo & the bunnymen - ripeness
xiu xiu - clowne towne
swervedriver - rave down
the sugargliders - 90 days of moths and rust
my bloody valentine - i need no trust
east river pipe - my life is wrong
the clean - the slug song
heavenly - over and over
margareta pislaru - ill pullover
orange juice - love sick
the bats - we do not kick
the weather prophets - bury them deep
the field mice - when you sleep
the gay - robert smith
t. rex - monolith
the church - don't look back
morrissey - papa jack
belle & sebastian - string bean jean
the soft machine - have you ever bean green?

we have some show recordings from this semester, too!
watch out!
get jazzed!

love love,
beth & emily

here is a sampler of our songs!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

the gothic novel.

a timely completion of radcliffe's the mysteries of udolpho inspired us to bring you this show. each song title relates to a particular characteristic of the genre, and a few reflect some actual aspects of the plot.

Television Personalities – The Room At The Top Of The Stairs
The Church – The Unguarded Moment
The Magnetic Fields – In My Secret Place
Shop Assistants – After Dark
Simon & Garfunkel – For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her
The Soft Machine – A Door Opens And Closes
Jens Lekman – I Don’t Want To Die Alone
The Birthday Party – Faint Heart
Elf Power – Rolling Black Water
The Bats – Watch The Walls
Bis – Action And Drama
Devotchka – In The Tower
Beck – Lonesome Tears
Adorable – Have You Seen The Light?
The Bicycles – I Know We Have To Be Apart
The Chills – Hidden Bay
The Smiths – Death At One’s Elbow
Yann Tiersen – A Secret Place
Tyrannosaurus Rex – The Misty Coast Of Albany
Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – Dark Night
The Jasmine Minks – Cold Heart
The Delgados – Knowing When To Run
Patrick Wolf – Apparition
Midlake – Some Of Them Are Superstitious
Sondre Lerche – Dead End Mystery
Television Personalities – A Picture Of Dorian Gray
Castanets – At Least One Lie
Final Fantasy – Spell For A Weak Heart
The Church – Don’t Open The Door To Strangers
Isabel Campbell & Mark Lanegan – Black Mountain
Architecture in Helsinki – It’s Almost A Trap
The Bats – The Looming Past
The Field Mice – Bleak

it was a carefully constructed playlist! we hope you enjoyed it. apologies for forgetting udolpho back in our apartment...we had hoped to provide you with some choice quotations about weakened hearts and gloomy dungeons.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

a day in the life.

naturally, you are all probably dying to know what your ultra honey hosts do when they're not on the air.
we thus present you with a comprehensive, chronological playlist of our daily lives in song-titles!
consider this your indoctrination into our cozy world of tea, library visits, muffins, records, bike rides, and trashy reality television (amongst other things).

The Fruit Bats – Every Day That We Wake Up It’s A Beautiful Day
The Beatles – Good Morning Good Morning
Orange Juice – Breakfast Time, Breakfast Time
Of Montreal – Pancakes For One
Jens Lekman – I Saw Her In The Anti-War Demonstration
The Kinks – Have A Cuppa Tea
Blast Off Country Style – All She Wants To Do Is Ride Her Bike
Tsunami – Brickbook Building
Even As We Speak – Falling Down The Stairs
Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – Hallway
The Books – Getting The Job Done
Eternal – Breathe
The Revolving Paint Dream – In The Afternoon
Adorable – Feed Me
Cat Power – Red Apples
Be Your Own Pet – Bicycle Bicycle You Are My Bicycle
Shop Assistants – Home Again
Television Personalities – Makin’ Time
The Clientele – From A Window
The Bicycles – B-B-Bicycle
Final Fantasy – Library
Cap’n Jazz – Planet Shhh
Y.A.C.H.T. – I Love A Computer
The Church – Memories In Future Tense
Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton – The Last Page
Simon & Garfunkel – Homeward Bound
The Soup Dragons – One Way Street
Screen Prints – Evening Feel
Yann Tiersen – 7PM
The Bats – Spill The Beans
Beirut – Forks & Knives (La FĂȘte)
The Beatles – A Hard Day’s Night
Belle & Sebastian – Sleep The Clock Around

curiosity satiated, i hope.

also note: please comment to let us know if you'd like us to upload mp3 files!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Cold War!

This week, in honor of the 90th anniversary of the russian revolution*, we give you...a cold war themed show!

Guided by Voices - Bomb in the Beehive
Beat Happening - I Spy
Television Personalities - How I Learned to Love the...Bomb
Beulah - Dig the Subatomic Holdout #2
Yo La Tengo - The Race is on Again
Ill Mitch - Chernobyl Poem from Old Russia
Stereo Total - LA, CA, USA
Vashti Bunyan - Window over the Bay [of pigs]
Elliott and the Letter Ostrich - Kennedy Wears a Colostomy Bag from a Previous Gunshot Wound, He is Also Known to Wear Women's Clothing
Matt & Kim - Lightspeed [request]
The Kinks - Animal Farm
The Chills - A Whole Lot of Non Going On
Jesus & Mary Chain - Blues from a Gun
Tyrannosaurus Rex - Eastern Spell
Brian Eno - Here Come the Warm Jets
Andrew Bird - Way Out West
The Apples in Stereo - Radiation
Neutral Milk Hotel - Communist Daughter
David Bowie - Bombers
Jonathan Richman - Parties in the U.S.A.
Lou Reed - Berlin
Hedwig and the Angry Inch - Tear Me Down
Kleenex/Liliput - A Silver Key Can Open an Iron Lock
New York Dolls - Vietnamese Baby
Talking Heads - Psycho Killer
Elvis Costello - Peace, Love, and Understanding
Pixies - There Goes My Gun
Edwin Starr - War
Yann Tiersen - Goodbye Lenin (really should say "hello trotsky," b. 11/7/1879)
Joan of Arc - Kissinger's Lament When Some Young Bunny or Bildeburg Whore Kicks Him Out of Bed
The Beatles - Back in the USSR

*this show was actually meant for may 14th last semester, to coincide with the anniversary of Tito's death. Sadly, my computer suffered an untimely death (or at least an untimely entrance into a months-long comatose state), and it could not be done. But lo! the seventh of November is clearly more appropriate anyway.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

fairytales & the occult.

on a night when all things spooky and ghoulish run rampant, what better than a haunted playlist to entrance and horrify your ears? precisely: nothing.
note the strategic narrative placement of certain track titles.

Television Personalities - Honey I Sure Miss You [cuz yr dead]
The Magnetic Fields - Falling In Love With The Wolfboy
Bad Brains - Fearless Vampire Killers
Lightning Bolt - Dracula Mountain
Silver Jews - Welcome To The House Of The Bats
Future Bible Heroes - She-Devils Of The Deep
Complex - Witch's Spell
Belle & Sebastian - Sukie In The Graveyard
Television - See No Evil
Devotchka - This Place Is Haunted
T. Rex - Cat Black (The Wizard's Hat)
XTC - Sacrificial Bonfire
Madonna - Like A Virgin
Iron Maiden - Flash Of The Blade
Irving - Death In The Garden, Blood On The Flowers
Daniel Johnston - Casper The Friendly Ghost
The Unicorns - Tuff Ghost
Os Mutantes - Ave, Lucifer
San Francisco Earthquake - Fairytales Can Come True
Guided By Voices - Cut Out Witch
Califone - Our Kitten Sees Ghosts
Television Personalities - Mummy [HAHA GET IT] You're Not Watching Me
The Magick Heads - Seventh Sense
Harry & The Potters - I Am A Wizard
Johnny Thunders - The Wizard
Fruit Bats - Magic Hour
The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour
Witch - Soul Of Fire
Avey Tare and Panda Bear - Bat You'll Fly
Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels - Devil In A Blue Dress

tune in next week, of course!
and i have no doubt that you were sufficiently spooked.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Bounty of the Land!

The leaves are changing! We've had our first few brisk breezes! This week, you've probably donned a sweater! Time for some genuine autumn jams. We give you: the first show of (actual) fall.

Devendra Banhart – Queen Bee
Jens Lekman – Maple Leaves
Dan Deacon – Two Friends
The Clientele – Elm Grove Window
Two Gallants – Fly Low Carrion Crow
Park – Red Coat Charmer
14 Iced Bears – Hay Fever
Peter, Bjorn & John – The Chills
Katch-22 – Pumpkin Mini
Frank Zappa – Any Way The Wind Blows
Bob Marlow – Thoughts Are Leaves
Guided By Voices – Acorns & Orioles
Lush – Leaves Me Cold
The Harvest Ministers – You Do My World The World Of Good
Orange Juice – In A Nutshell
The Velvet Underground – Cool It Down
The Beatles – Long, Long, Long
Françoise Hardy – Autumn Rendezvous
Pink Floyd – Scarecrow
Linda Perhacs – Paper Mountain Man
Sandy Stoddard – Moose & Bear Calls
The Chills – Autumn Testament #20
The Velvelettes – Needle In A Haystack
The Magnetic Fields – Long Vermont Roads
Donovan – The Magpie
T.S.D.O.L.E – Summer Gave Us Sweets, But Autumn Wrought Division
Yo La Tengo – Autumn Sweater
Beach House – Apple Orchard
Starlight Mints – Pumpkin
Feathers – Silverleaves In The Air Of Starseedlings
Sufjan Stevens – Romulus

question, if anyone actually reads this: if we started uploading individual songs/podcast type things, would you download them?